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Happiness Forgets
I had such a great experience here, and we went because we were waiting for our reservations at Princess of Shoreditch to open up. I’m very glad Lisa (pictured above) cajoled me in this direction (also known as Hoxton Square). At £8.50, drinks were dear, but they were well-made and delicious. I told the bartender (nice guy) that I’d lost my voice, he snatched the drink menu out of my hand, and declared, “I know what you’re having!” He made me a delicious whiskey drink called a “penicillin”. That is the only time in my life someone’s prescribed a drink to me and it was well worth the price. And he was very friendly, not like some places with expensive drinks where people are pricks. Ahem.

Princess of Shoreditch
We made our way to the upstairs bit (apparently that’s fancy) of this highly-regarded restaurant. It was on my list simply because it’s on so many other lists (Michelin Bib Gourmand being my guiding light for inexpensive fine dining). I had one of the most deliciously tender steaks ever accompanied with a whiskey on the rocks (I might as well be fully indulgent). There is a picture above that gives you an indication as to how tasty my (unintentionally Atkins-friendly) meal was. Lisa ordered a chocolate fondant for desert, which I snuck a taste of … it was very, very good. Our waiter was super friendly, too. All in all, it is a London experience you add to your list.

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